Volunteer Worker Job Roles

Our volunteers have the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life.

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Between July 2014 - June 2015
the agency was open a total of 217 days
and had 10,907 enquiries.

Our volunteer staff provide a high standard of service to the Frankston community, and in a constantly changing workplace environment, are required to assume many diverse and challenging roles. They provide the vital lifeblood that enables efficient function and operation of the agency's services.

Many of these roles are demanding and require a number of interpersonal skills to deal with the complexities of each day. Each volunteer staff member at Community Support Frankston fulfils an important role by assisting the organisations paid staff and provide the continuity and infrastructure required for this vital volunteer service.


Our team of volunteer reception staff are the
first contact for people telephoning or visiting
the organisation.

Community Support Frankston is currently recruiting volunteers to join our reception team. Multi-skilled and requiring good communication skills, they are the first contact for visitors and callers. Their role is varied and they need to be able to assist people fill in forms, attend incoming telephone calls and manage the people waiting to be seen by an interviewer or counsellor.


In 2014 — 2015 interviewing staff spent
a total of 12,887 hours attending to
enquiries in person or by telephone.

Community Support Frankston is currently recruiting volunteers to join our interviewing team. Community workers (interviewers) at the agency are selected because of their skills and interest in helping others and for their warm and caring personalities. Life experiences can also assist volunteers in their role within the organisation. All community workers are provided with training to successfully carry out their tasks. An accredited Community Information Worker’s Certificate course must be completed if working in an interview situation with a client.

Many skills, including resilience, are required to be an effective interviewer with training being the key component of our volunteers’ success in dealing with the many queries that they receive in any given day. Interviewers often extend themselves beyond their roster shift to ensure the best options are explored and offered to meet each individual's circumstance.

The operational team
includes Administration, Data
Entry, Statistical, Resources
and Information Technology staff.

Information Staff

The volunteer Information Officer and dedicated team have the huge task of maintaining the Centre’s information systems, restocking brochures and keeping details of local services up-to-date. As the organisation becomes more reliant on technology these volunteers require more computer skills.

Information Technology

The organisation has a small group of qualified information technicians who are continually busy keeping computer systems maintained plus training people in the use of these systems.

Statistics and database

During each shift interviewers record statistical information regarding the nature of the enquiry and time taken to provide the service. Our statistical team collate and process this information into monthly reports for the Manager and Board of Management. Other workers are updating volunteers handwritten notes to form a user-friendly database.

Administration staff

An organisation as large as Community Support Frankston requires an enormous amount of administration and is reliant on volunteers to support the paid staff. The combined efforts of the administration team ensure that everything the agency produces is presented in a professional manner.


Community Support Frankston is currently recruiting volunteers to join our marketing team. The agency utilises marketing and media volunteers who use their experience and skills to assist with branding and help raise awareness of our presence in Frankston.

Additional Job Roles

Community Support Frankston is fortunate to have people who also volunteer their time for additional important tasks such as roster coordination, advisory groups, maintenance work and group leadership. Many volunteers who demonstrate exceptional and varied skills are often approached to take on additional roles to provide support to fellow workers and students.

Please contact the agency to discuss volunteering opportunities available.

If you would like more information please

Email csf@frankston.net
or Call into 35 Beach Street, Frankston

to collect the

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