Volunteering at CSF

The agency is seeking volunteers who are competent, enthusiastic and reliable who enjoy a challenge and like working in a team environment.

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Why volunteer?

Experience new challenges, exercise your social conscience, gain satisfaction from doing something that makes a difference to our community.

Have fun. Meet new people. Apart from making a positive contribution to society, volunteers form social networks and connections with like-minded people. Good volunteers are good to be around!

Personal and professional development. Many people choose a volunteering activity that practices or maintains working skills used in their paid employment.

Gain communication skills.

Gain experience to add to your CV. Develop work related skills. Volunteering may be a good opportunity for you to get back into an office environment and use new technology.

What you can offer us

  • A fresh perspective and a new point of view
  • New skills and abilities
  • New ideas, energy and enthusiasm
  • Ensure the future of volunteering within the Centre
Your responsibilities as a volunteer:

Be reliable and punctual.

If you cannot meet your commitment, be courteous and inform
the organisation.

Attend all pertinent training sessions.

Keep all information confidential. Familiarise yourself with policies and procedures of the organisation.

Be responsible as the organisation relies on you.

Work ethics

Development of workplace ethics is an important aspect of staff training at the agency where the work environment is appropriate and there is an expectation that both volunteers and paid staff abide by the same work ethics.

Workplace ethics relate to understanding organisational structure, policies and standards of work. The difference between this agency and a business environment is that we provide a more nurturing atmosphere when assisting volunteers through their training or placement. Consequently, many volunteers are given more confidence to go on to employment or tertiary education.

Previous experience

While it is an advantage to have previous experience in your preferred volunteering area life experiences also assist volunteers in their role at Community Support Frankston.
  • Reception
  • Information Technology
  • Case Assessment (Interviewer)
  • Statistics collection and collation
  • Information file development and maintenance
  • Administration
  • Tax Help
Some popular misconceptions about volunteering

"Volunteers have nothing else to do with their time." Some of our best volunteers do many things and are so busy with their other activities it can be difficult to contact them.

"Volunteering attracts a certain type of person."
More likely an event has happened in a persons past that has made them want to become involved. They may know what it is like to feel alone and unsupported.

How to apply...

Please download and read:
Volunteering Opportunities UPDATED Brochure 210k (2 page PDF)
Information for Prospective volunteers 240k (12 page PDF)
Print and complete the Volunteer Application Form
Downloadable Application Form 92k (4 page PDF)

and return by:

Email: csf@frankston.net

Operations Coordinator
Community Support Frankston
35 Beach Street
Frankston, 3199

or Fax: (03) 9783 7731

You can email any questions to csf@frankston.net
Please allow several working days to receive a reply or invitation to attend an interview.