26th Annual Frankston Community Appeal

Christmas 2016

"The 15 Tubs Full Appeal makes up for close to half the donated food that went into special Christmas hampers for dissadvantaged individuals, including those sleeping rough"

Steve Phillips

The Village Clinic
129 Mt Eliza Way, Mount Eliza

Appeal collecting groceries and raising awareness of the Frankston Community Appeal

Initiated by Dr Mrin Nayagam of the Village Clinic, Mount Eliza.

Community Support Frankston Inc. wishes to acknowledge the Village Clinic, Mt Eliza, its doctors, nurses, reception and allied health staff, patients and well-wishers as great supporters of the annual Frankston Community Appeal.

In the 12th year since it's initiation, Dr Mrin Nayagam and her dedicated team collected 61 x 50L tubs of non perishable festive and staple foods. These, donated to Community Support Frankston, who in turn creates hampers for the homeless and most vulnerable in our local community.

Celebrating the 12th anniversary of the
15 Tubs Full Appeal in 2017

Some very special tub donations in Dec 2017

Some of the tireless team at The Village Clinic, Mt Eliza. Their efforts ensure scores of the community's most vulnerable people don't spend the Christmas holiday hungry. This appeal also provides an opportunity for the older people who are not computer savvy, to still assist the needy by a donation of food.

What can I donate?

Leading up to Christmas 2015, during the 10th Anniversary of this appeal, the Village Clinic collected 96 x 50L Tubs far exceeding expectations. For more information about suitable donations for the 15 Tubs Full Appeal , read the 2016 letter from the Village Clinic here.

History of the Appeal

In 2006, Dr Nayagam of the Village Clinic, Mt Eliza, with the support of medical, nursing and reception colleagues started a "Boxometer Appeal" campaign to fill 25 cardboard boxes with festive non-perishable groceries to make into Christmas hampers. They filled 50 in their first year, 52 in 2007, the following year 83, then 88 in 2009 and 126 in 2010.

Following renovations, and as a space consideration, Dr Nayagam who initiated this drive in 2006, discussed with her colleagues and the decision was made to pack the goods into 50L plastic containers and the "15 Tubs Full" campaign was born. The target at the time was to fill 15 fifty litre sized plastic tubs with festive Christmas type foods of a non perishable nature.

Dr Nayagam says that this appeal run at the Village Clinic differs from all those bigger charities and appeals in that there is NO ADMINISTRATION FEE and that all the food purchased by the donors goes directly into the mouth of someone needy.

All the work done by the Village Clinic in printing, promoting and packing the boxes is 'pro bono', so the donors get a 100% value from their donations, despite not getting any tax rebates for their expenses.

The support of those who attend the clinic as well as the friends of the clinic who join the doctors, nurses, reception and allied health staff makes it a true combined effort.

In 2011, eighteen tubs were filled, then 27 in 2012. This grew to 46 last year and now, in Christmas 2014, the Village Clinic doctors, nurses, reception and allied health staff, patients and well wishers have filled 55 tubs.

In 2015, the 10th anniversary, a total of 96 tubs were collected.

With each passing year the bar has been raised higher. Therefore the target became more ambitious for 2016 when we hoped for a minimum of 60 x 50 L tubs. As it turned out this target was exceeded by a show of genorosity with 102 x 50 L tubs donated! Thank you to all who supported our appeal.

2016 was the 11th year since inception of the appeal, many families and children have been supported through out this community appeal during the years. The tubs donated help those less fortunate in our community over the festive season.

Community Support Frankston thanks go to everyone involved in this campaign in what we realise is a very busy time of year in a very busy doctors surgery. Through your efforts you have made Christmas more festive for many, many local families. Thank you.

More information about
Community Support Frankston

We are seeking cash donations to buy non-perishable groceries so we can put together 200 festive hampers – each with approximately $50 value. If you would like to donate or have a fundraising idea, please contact us so we can acknowledge your involvement on our website, Facebook page and Annual Report.

Food donations

From late November onwards we are happy to receive donations of festive groceries which can be sorted into hampers. We put together over 100 extra hampers from donated groceries.

How to donate food and the types of groceries we need.

Cash and In-kind donations 2015 Appeal:

A record 573 hampers with food and gifts distributed to local families and people living alone. These hampers were put together using:

total cash donations

PLUS an estimated
value in donated groceries, gifts and toys.

Our thanks go to the local residents, businesses and organisations that have already donated cash and groceries. Your support has made this year's appeal a great success.

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