School payments in Frankston

Help with School Payments

Schoolkids bonus
  • Paid July 2015. Check with Centrelink about future availability.

Textbooks and Equipment
Parents are expected to provide required textbooks and equipment for their children. Many schools assist with buying and selling of second-hand books. Contact your school to discuss assistance as many will offer payment plans for fees and levies.

Contact your school principal or welfare officer if you are experiencing financial hardship with school fees, books or uniforms.

Items or services the school can request payment for:

  • Essential education items including stationery, text books and school uniforms.
  • Optional extras, such as excursions, materials for elective subjects, school magazines or extra activities. You can choose which (or any) services you need.
  • Voluntary financial contributions, which your school may ask you to make.

School councils and principals have been asked to make sure that no student is disadvantaged if parents cannot pay the voluntary contribution. If you feel pressured by the school to pay a voluntary contribution, or have any further questions, please phone the Education Line and Referral Service on 1800 809 834.

Dress code is decided by the school council; some schools have a uniform shop where new or second-hand uniforms can be purchased.

Student transport
Check if the school offers a free bus service. The Victorian Government may provide a conveyance allowance for students who live more than 4.8 km from their nearest school. Obtain more information from the school.

The free PenBus between Rosebud and Frankston has been replaced with Route 887. For more details and timetable information, click here.

State Schools’ Relief Committee Inc
May provide school clothing and shoes only for children who attend government schools in Victoria. Funded by donations.

Parents in hardship should approach their Primary School Principal or Welfare Officer in secondary schools to discuss needs.

Saver Plus

Phone: 1300 610 355
email: May provide school clothing and shoes only for children who attend government schools in Victoria. Funded by donations.

A free program providing financial education and budgeting to help you manage your money. Open an ANZ Progress Saver account and after 10 months the ANZ will match your savings (up to $500) to help pay for education costs for you or your child. Check eligibility.