There are a wide range of resources which may be useful for the small emergency relief agencies at which our book is aimed - far too many to include here.

Most resources that will be helpful to emergency relief agencies will not have the words 'emergency relief' attached to them, such as books on planning, interviewing, volunteer recruitment, fundraising and public relations, community building, and so on.

Two particularly helpful websites containing all kinds of useful information for small community groups are: and

Checking the LINKS pages on the websites you visit for the addresses of other website locations can yield all kinds of interesting information.

Books and manuals that we have found helpful include:

The ACOSS Emergency Relief Handbook (3rd Ed.). This manual can be downloaded at

Basic Personal Counselling
by David Geldard and Kathryn Geldard.

Counselling Skills in Everyday Life
by Kathryn Geldard and David Geldard

Partnerships with Business - A Guide for Small Community Groups
by John Murphy, Barrie Thomas and Mark Glazebrook (See this website for DETAILS and an ORDER FORM .)

Working With People
by Naomi Brill.

A Basic Guide to Planning Community Services
by John Murphy.
(Email John at for an order form.)

Volunteers: A Guide for Volunteers and Their Organisations
by Mary Woods.

by Diana Kupke

For a wide range of publications on volunteer management see:

If there are publications, websites or other resources that you have found helpful in your emergency relief work, we would be very interested in hearing about them. See CONTACT US