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From the authors...

We hope you find this book useful. Our aim is to stimulate the thinking of readers, especially about emergency relief issues, rather than provide detailed information or step-by-step instructions.

There is an almost endless list of topics which could be included in a book on emergency relief. However, in attempting to keep the publication simply presented, compact and within our budget, we have purposely left out a number of topics and limited information on those we did include. (For more comprehensive information on a wide range of ER topics, see the Australian Council of Social Service Emergency Relief Handbook.)

We invite you to make comments about our book, but are particularly interested in:

  • If you have found the book useful, and why.

  • Whether you think there are any other topics we should have included, and what they are.

  • Your opinion on the size, layout and visual presentation of the handbook.
Please send your comments to:

The Manager
Community Support Frankston
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Frankston, VICTORIA 3199

Phone: (03) 9783 7284
Fax: (03) 9783 7731

We would also like to offer you the opportunity to provide information about your projects and share experiences of things that have worked for you.

Your feedback will be published on this page.

A great publication. Thank you to Frankston!!
- Garry Lloyd, CIVic

I've used some of the material from your and Vicki's book, so thanks for that. I think it's very clear and well set out and I really like the photos. They add a 'human' dimension to it. I think it's a great guide and hope it's getting a good run in the ER agencies.
- John Frederick