Pets in the Park (PITP) is a new project run by local vets and volunteers. It provides free advice and basic medical care for pets owned by people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. This service runs on the last Sunday of the month and is by referral only. Find more information here


FaHCSIA funded project aimed a producing a kit of relevant information for sole parent ER clients of the agency.

This kit includes brochures produced by the agency on:

  • Legal Advice, Client Advocacy, Budgeting
  • Crisis, Personal and Grief Counselling
  • Where to find food assistance, Op Shops, emergency accommodation, residential caravan parks
  • Victims of Crime Support, neighbourhood support.

Non-profit project providing free information and advice to local business people interested in helping their community

A strong community offers companies the best opportunities to prosper and, therefore, it makes good sense for companies to work with other businesses, community groups and government to address local issues and make their community stronger.

The Getting Involved website shows a range of helpful information for business people in Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula who wish to support their community, but not necessarily with a donation.

The website provides case studies of local business people already helping their community, gives lots of suggestions and shows fifty ways you can support your community.

Impact Volunteering
Volunteers provide invaluable input into the communities where they work. Their activities have a positive impact on many different aspects of the environment, in addition to their own personal development and wellbeing.

Community Support Frankston spent approximately two years working in partnership with Frankston City Council to prepare for the implementation of a Volunteer Resource Centre in Frankston. In operation since November 2009, this service provides information for individuals and organisations to facilitate the effective matching of ‘would be’ volunteers to opportunities plus raise the profile of volunteering across all communities. The service is located at Frankston Library and CSF has a seat on the Board o FVRC.