Mission Statement

Strategic Plan 2016 - 2019

Our Directions

This document outlines our vision, mission, core values, the way we work, our services, priorities, challenges, and commitments for the time period.

Our Vision

We work to help create a Frankston where everyone has access to recourses, services and opportunities that will enable them to maintain a standard of living equal to that enjoyed by the majority.

Our Mission

In partnership with others Community Support Frankston will provide information, support, advice and advocacy to enhance residents' social, emotional and physical well-being

Our Values

Community Support Frankston, inspired by nearly half a century of volunteer community workers, seeks the common good through the fair and equitable treatment of our community's most vulnerable members. We believe in providing services that are impartial and supportive of all diversity and the right to a fair share of Frankston's recourses for all people.

Our Goals

Goal One :
Provide Assessments, information, advice, referral and skills, education that will enable people to make immediate as well as long-term positive life choices.

Goal Two :
Provide support and assistance to individuals and families that present with financial, personal and other forms of hardship

Goal Three :
Advocate to governments, leaders, policy makers and community organisations to maintain adequate and responsive services.

Goal Four :
Contribute to efforts, projects, and service collaborations aimed at developing and improving essential services for our community's most vulnerable members.