Kellie Pitt
Cafe Jett

"I enjoy using my business to support the community"

Kellie Pitt has been the proprietor of Cafe Jett Dromana since 2006.

Cafe Jett is recognised as one of the finest and busiest restaurants on the Southern Peninsula and provides breakfast, lunch and dinner to increasing numbers of locals and visitors to the area.

Cafe Jett also provides a catering service and numbers among it clients some of the Peninsula's biggest corporates. Since it opened Cafe Jett has won a range of local business awards in recognition of its quality cuisine and good service.

Kellie has a background in hospitality management and in 2005 decided that she wanted to run her own business. Kellie describes Cafe Jett as a family business and it is common to see her husband Aaron, father Noel, sister Julie, nieces and nephews as well as other friends and relatives helping out in various jobs around the cafe. While Kellie's young children, Jett (5) and Jazmine (9 months) are a little young to be on the Cafe Jett team, they are regular visitors to the restaurant and no doubt will be helping out in the not-too-distant future.

As well as being a successful business woman, Kellie is a strong supporter of community causes, especially through fundraising. In just one recent example Kellie joined forces with another local business woman to hold a fundraising auction at Cafe Jett and raised an incredible $46,000 for Victorian bushfire survivors.

Kellie believes that local businesses should support their communities because 'That is what it's all about, supporting each other.'

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