Homeless in Frankston

Homeless in Frankston

A shortage of affordable housing in Frankston has become a major problem for people on low incomes.

Volunteers at CSF take the time to listen with empathy to the many complex issues faced by homeless people and work with them to re-engage with housing networks, assist with material support and link them to other services.

In 2018-2019 CSF volunteers and staff have seen an increase in people who did not have a fixed address requesting assistance from the agency. We are also seeing more people living on couches and cars than in previous years.

There is a perception homeless people have mental illness, drug and/or alcohol abuse and anti-social behaviour. In reality a relationship breakdown, unsafe home environment or job loss can leave someone in sub-standard accommodation, in a car, on the street, couch surfing or in a rooming house.

Whatever the reason, when a person becomes homeless or is without secure accommodation, it becomes extremely difficult to maintain a job, attend school and manage the simple things in life we take for granted.

Would you like to help?

CSF accepts tax-deductible donations which we use to buy take away meals, food parcels, toiletries, securing accommodation or a swag and making life a little bit easier for homeless people in Frankston.

More information and statistics on our webpage:
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Information for Homeless People in Frankston

All services identified below are subject to change due to the current pandemic, particularly outreach services


SalvoCare Eastern (Salvation Army)

37 Ross Smith Ave, Frankston

Phone: 9784 5050 (9.30am to 6.00pm)

After hours Toll Free: 1800 825 955

FREE GAS BBQ's (with distances from Frankston Station)

Kananook Creek Reserve (0.7km)
South of Life Saving Club, Frankston

Frankston Pier Precinct (0.9km and 1.2km)
Nepean Hwy, South Frankston

George Pentland Gardens (1.2km and 1.5kms)
Behind Frankston Hospital, Frankston


Salvation Army Family Stores
17 Thompson Street, Frankston

Phone: 9770 2549

Monday ― Friday: 10:00am ― 4:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am ― 1:00pm

NOTE: Crisis Centre referral needed for "Free of charge" clothing.


SalvoCare Eastern (Salvation Army)
37 Ross Smith Ave East, Frankston
10:00am ― 12:00pm

Community Support Frankston
35 Beach Street, Frankston
Thursday: 1:00pm ― 4:00pm


Orange Sky Laundry (Community Support Frankston)
35 Beach Street, Frankston
Free clothes washing / drying

Wednesdays: 1.00pm - 3:00pm

Community Support Frankston
35 Beach Street, Frankston
Vouchers through a local laundry are available upon assessment


Community Support Frankston (Clean as Casper)
35 Beach Street, Frankston
Hot showers available

By Appointment Only

Donation Chain
Comfort Station, 6R Playne Street, Frankston
Hot showers available

By Appointment Only

FREE CLINIC FOR PETS (Pets in the Park)


Community Support Frankston
35 Beach Street, Frankston
Phone: 9783 7284

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday:
9:00am ― 4:00pm
Thursday: 1:00pm ― 4:00pm

Internet access available in one hour time blocks which can be pre-booked.

Frankston Library
60 Playne Street, Frankston
Phone: 9784 1020

Links to other websites:

Melbourne Homeless Services
Website with information about organisations able to help people in crisis compiled and maintained by people who are or have been in crisis themselves.

News, stories, service directories, statistics and forums written by and for Australian Homeless people.

Missing Persons
Details, information, websites and memorials dedicated to people missing from Victoria. You can read the circumstances of their disappearance, make a missing person sighting, provide information about a missing person or add a missing person to this list. This is a free service.

Homeless Persons Legal Clinic
If you are homeless or at risk of being homeless in Victoria and you need legal assistance call:

(03) 8636 4408 or
TOLL FREE: 1800 606 313 to make an appointment.

This is a specialist legal service providing free legal assistance and advocacy to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Legal assistance is provided by pro bono lawyers at 13 homelessness assistance services around metropolitan Melbourne and in Bendigo to facilitate direct access by clients and to provide a service that works closely and collaboratively with other homeless service providers.

It is a project of Public Interest Law Clearing House (PILCH).