The material on this website is just the beginning. There is a wide variety of additional information available as well as support without charge to get you on your way.

Most often involvement with the community is rewarding, but inevitably there will be some challenges. Usually they can be avoided or reduced by planning and preliminary discussion with those ‘in the know’.

Advice and Support

John Murphy and Vicki Martin are available to advise and support business people personally who may be interested in becoming involved, or more involved, in their community.

John is the Co-director of Mornington Peninsula Community Connections , a free management advisory service for grass-roots community groups in Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula.

Vicki has been the manager of the Frankston Community Support and Information Centre since 1990. The Centre is one of Frankston’s first community service groups, established in 1968.

Business and Community Experience

John and Vicki have worked in the business and community service industries and are well placed to provide advice and support about business and community groups working together. They have been involved with many successful relationships between business and community groups.

John worked in the printing industry for 10 years before becoming a social worker in 1981. He has been a manager and lectured in management and community work at Monash University where he gained a PhD in 1992.

Vicki worked in marketing and public relations and managed a family business for 20 years before joining the community services sector as a manager in 1990.

Honest Appraisal

John and Vicki will discuss with you the pros and cons of becoming involved in supporting the community. They will offer their opinion on your suitability for community involvement as well as share their views on some of the possible challenges.

John and Vicki are keen to support business people who are interested in the ‘next step’, but have no desire to rush you into something that you are not ready or suitable for. The community will not benefit fully from your involvement if you are not properly informed, 100 per cent committed and doing it for the right reasons.


This is a non profit information and advisory service and no fees will be charged for any aspect of John and Vicki’s involvement with you or your company.

Further Information

For further information email or phone (03) 5988 4309 or (03) 9768 1601.