Free financial counselling in Frankston

Overdue debts and Credit Reports

If you do not pay your debt, the credit provider may refer it to a debt collector AND report it to a credit reporting agency.

Your provider must notify you before lodging an overdue payment report.

Your credit provider may report the debt if:

  • The amount you owe is over $150
  • You are a ‘confirmed missing debtor’ or ‘clearout’ (your creditor can’t contact you)
  • Payment due date is now over 60 days
  • The creditor contacted you in person (by phone) or in writing (letter to your last known address) and asked for payment

The default may be recorded on your credit report and remain for 5 years (or 7 years in the case of a clearout).

When you pay the debt, the listing stays but your credit report will be updated to show the payment. If there is an error on your credit report, you have the right to get this fixed.

Free Credit Reports available at
Search for free credit file.

To correct a wrong listing on your credit report yourself for free go to and search for credit repair.

Credit Repair Agencies

Be wary of credit repair agencies claiming they can improve your credit report. They can charge high fees and you may be charged even if the agent is unable to remove the listing. Remember your credit report can only be changed if it is wrong or out of date.

Free Financial Counselling
in the Frankston area

FMC Financial Counsellor (South East Water)

Must have account with South East Water AND meet one or more of these criteria:

  • Receiving Centrelink benefits, government pension or low income earner
  • At risk of, or disconnected from utilities
  • Have debts or overdue fines

FMC can help by providing information on:

  • Options and advocacy on large outstanding debts and debt management
  • Eligibility for Utility Relief Grant schemes
  • Early release superannuation criteria
  • Bankruptcy and Magistrates Court processes
  • Credit and debt matters

Service is free and confidential

Intake line:

Phone: FMC on 1800 639 523 to make an appointment.

Bayside and Peninsula Financial Counselling Service

Resident of, or works or studies in Frankston City.

Service includes:

  • Information and referral, including to Moneyhelp, for phone support
  • Sessional phone casework
  • Sessional face-to-face casework

How they help:

  • Provide information on credit card and debt, including bankrupty
  • Access hardship support for some bills or debts
  • Assist clients to manage their debts

The financial counsellor will work with people over the phone and may make another phone appointment or a face to face appointment at the closest office.

Counsellors may also refer to other services such as family support, consumer rights & legal services, family violence or housing and homeless services.

Service is free and confidential

Intake line: Phone 1300 765 595

This service is located at
Community Support Frankston
35 Beach Street, FRANKSTON

FMC Financial Counsellor and Financial Capability Service

The FMC Financial Counselling and Capability program is a FREE, independent and confidential service funded by the Commonwealth gaverment. The program has been developed by FMC to provide one on one support and options to those experiencing financial difficulty, with appointments available locally. Clients may have issues such as debts, utility arrrears or disconnection, wishing to apply for bankruptcy or deal with their fines & infringements. The program also offers FREE workshops in community locations on a number of financial topics.

Service is free and confidential

FMC Intake line:
1800 639 523

Financial Counselling Hotlines and websites

MoneyHelp (Free phone counselling service)

Free financial counselling phone service for people living in Victoria.

Money Management, Financial Counselling tools and advice to help you manage your money and debt.

Confidential and free financial information to assist Victorians with debt problems. Information includes rent assistance, redundancy payments and bankruptcy.

Phone: 1800 007 007
Hours: Monday to Friday 9:30am – 4:00pm

Consumer Action Law Centre
Free financial counselling phone service

Phone: 1800 466 477

Melbourne-based consumer advocacy and campaigning organisation that provides free and independent legal assistance and financial counselling.

Financial Counsellors Australia


Download Fact Sheets or a letter to send to a creditor or debt collector. Use the “Debt Self Help Tool” for a tailored assessment about your options.



Tools and resources to help you understand and manage your money.

More comsumer information

Consumer Affairs Victoria

Investigates complaints about fraudulent, illegal or unfair trade or commercial practices regarding goods and services.

Consumer Action Law Centre (Legal Advice Line)

Phone: 1800 466 477

Hours: Mon ― Fri 10:00am―1:00pm; 2:00―4:00pm

Free advice and referrals on consumer credit matters such as contracts, hire purchase and other consumer finance matters.


Infochoice comparison of credit cards.


How to contact your Ombudsman. List on this website:

Download and Print