30th Annual Frankston Community Appeal

Christmas 2020

The 30th Annual Frankston Community Appeal ended up being another   record-breaking year, with over 2,000 people, including 1,000 kids, assisted with in excess of 740 Festive Hampers, as well as Coles & K-Mart Vouchers and Toys

“Live locally, give locally”

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30th Annual Frankston Community Appeal

Donate now:

Food donations

From late November onwards we are happy to receive donations of festive groceries that can be sorted into hampers. We put together over 350 extra hampers from these donated groceries for singles and couples in need.

How to donate food and the types of groceries we need.

More information about us

Community Support Frankston Inc. is a not for profit community support agency which provides services including emergency food, grocery vouchers, help with utility bills, referrals and advocacy for people who live, or work in the City of Frankston.

CSF is one of the busiest agencies of its type in Victoria – with over 18,500 client contacts and over 35,000 enquiries recorded in the 2019-20 financial year. Find more information about this agency, volunteering and services we offer on our Home Page.

We are seeking cash donations to buy non-perishable groceries so we can put together 350+ festive hampers – each of approximately $100 value. If you would like to donate or have a fundraising idea, please contact us so we can acknowledge your involvement on our website, Facebook page and Annual Report.

This is an opportunity to:

  • Support the work of our volunteers by helping us raise funds
  • Help disadvantaged people in our neighbourhood
  • Get involved with supporting frankstons most disadvantaged

Community Support Frankston works in conjunction with:

  • Frankston emergency relief providers (FERP) Network
  • Operation Larder
  • SalvoCare Eastern
  • WAYSS Domestic Violence Outreach
  • St Vincent de Paul
  • OzChild
  • Frankston Special Development Schools
  • Frankston Secondary Schools

The above organistions are part of a network that distribute the hampers purchased by CSF through your donations. Clients receiving support are all assessed to be in crisis and in need of assistance.

We all work together, with one point for hamper distribution which:

  • Enables us to stretch our combined limited resources
  • Assists more families through fairer allocation of donations
  • Allows other organisations to focus on other festive activities like free Christmas breakfast and lunch to residents in hardship.

2020 was the 30th year of the Appeal, and even with a Pandemic, was yet again another record-breaking year, with over 740 hampers of food and gifts distributed to nearly 2,000 people, including 1,000 kids, disadvantaged in our community. These hampers were put together using cash donations, as well as some groceries, gifts and toys, however, food donations were at an all time low this year due to many of our regular contributors being closed during the pandemic, ie: high schools who make collections of festive food for us every year.

Our thanks go to local residents, businesses and organisations that donated cash, groceries and toys. Your support has made this year's Appeal a great success.

Special thanks go to
Dr Mrin Nyagam and her Silver Linings Charitable Trust, and Bendigo Bank - these contributors being our two major financial supporters for this year, and the main reason why we had sufficient funds to purchase festive foods to make up for the shortfall in food donations.

A very special thanks also goes to Operation Larder, who are extremely important partners with their family hamper food donations and some of the volunteer contributions for the food delivery and packing dates.

A further "Thank You" to all the donations that allow us to purchase the food, vouchers, toys and other items.

Please see our Annual Report for a list of contributers.

Community Support Frankston is an accredited charitable institution. Click here to see details registered with the Australian Government.

Community Support Frankston
ABN - 95 426 151 625

Registered Incorporation Number
A 0000431J (Associations Incorporation Act 1981)
ABN - 95 426 151 625

Deductible Gift Recipient and Tax Exempt Charity entity
(Income Tax Assessment Act 1997)