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“It is crucial men see counselling as 
a strategy to review and improve 
relationships rather than a last resort.”

Nine strategies to manage your anger

  1. Be aware of the physical signs that your anger is building - fast heart rate and breathing, sweating, becoming agitated, sudden sensations of heat and flushing in the face, pressure building in your head, your stomach starts to knot, muscles tighten, especially the jaw and arms. These signs are indications your body is preparing for ‘flight or fight ’- a response to threat.
  2. Tell the person you are angry with “I can’t think properly, I’m getting too angry, I will talk about this when I’ve calmed down”.
  3. Take time out. Walk away from the situation for however long it takes. On a scale of 1-10, if your anger is more than 7, you will need at least an hour to calm yourself.
  4. Distract yourself by thinking about something else. Go for a walk, jog, ride a bike — something physical that will burn up your energy. You could also ring a trusted relative or friend.
  5. Practice relaxation or deep breathing. When angry, breathing becomes fast and shallow. Slow and deepen your breath for a calming effect. Take five long, slow breaths and relax the muscles in your arms and face.
  6. When you are feeling calmer, ask the person to discuss the issue with you again, or invite them to make a time to discuss it. If you get angry, walk away from the situation again.
  7. Consider how close you were to being abusive and think calming thoughts. Also think about how your arguments start and don’t rehearse negative statements like blaming the other person etc. Back away when these thoughts start to build up tension.
  8. Use walk away ‘time out’ to gain control over your anger and prevent physical violence or abuse. Don’t try to use it as a form of control to end a disagreement.
  9. Practise taking a 15 minute ‘time out’ at least three times a week even if you are not feeling aggressive. Do something you enjoy but never use this time to drink, take drugs or do something which upsets your partner. Come back right on time and continue what you were doing OR invite your partner to take ‘time out’ to do something they enjoy.


Family Life 
Domestic violence programs, counselling
Level 1, 146 Young Street FRANKSTON
Phone: 9770 0341

Men’s Behaviour Change Group - Family Life specialist family violence services

Phone the Duty Worker: 8599 5433

MATES program offers men the opportunity to learn and use alternatives to behaving violently or abusively. You may also be provided with individual counselling before or after the group program and, where appropriate, sessions with your partner. The Family Life counsellor maintains contact with your partner during the program to monitor wellbeing and, where possible, assist with the transfer of learning into the home and family relationships.

Where couples are separated and there is ongoing conflict over children, the counsellor implements strategies to maintain duty of care and promote safety.

Men’s Behaviour Change 
Life Works 
White Street Mall

Phone: 1300 543 396

The cost of the 20 week program is $455 ($325 for concesion card holders). A fee of $50 is applicable for two intake assessments. (CHANGES due to take place between 15 August 2018 and 5th of September 2018 - Please ring Lifeworks for verification of fees

A non refundable deposit is required to secure your place in the program.

When the program is fully paid for a Letter of Attendance will be issued.

Program provides opportunities for men who are creating problems in their lives with their violence, abusive or angry behaviour to learn new and more constructive ways of behaving.

It also assists men change the way they think and act so that they can form more respectful relationships with their partners, children, families, friends, or those at work. The program aims to provide immediate help, ideas, support and challenges.

All applicants require an appointment to attend an initial interview.

Frankston Men's Recovery Group

Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous
Brotherhood of St Laurence Building (Nave Room)
24/26 High Street, FRANKSTON 3199
Phone AA Victoria: 9429 1833

Time: 7:00pm— 8:00pm every Thursday

Salvation Army — Dandenong
Positive Lifestyle Counselling Service
147-151 Foster Street, DANDENONG 3175

Phone: 9794 9533

Tuesday 9:30am — 11:00am (Male & Female)
Tuesday 12:00pm — 1:00pm (Counselling)
Wednesday 6.00pm — 7.30pm (Male & Female) 
Thursday 6:00pm — 7:30pm (Men only)
Friday 2:30pm — 4:00pm (Men's Life Day Men only)

Regular eight week program. Limited class sizes so bookings essential. Appointment required before intake. Program has set fees which are reduced if the client has a Health Care Card or can prove financial difficulty. This service MAY be fully funded if you are going through the court system and have a drug problem.

The service also offers One-on-One counselling (small charge, reduced with HCC).

Frankston Community Health
Family violence programs, counselling
Frankston Integrated Health Centre
Phone: 9784 8100 
Hastings Road FRANKSTON 3199
Melway Ref: 100A G11

Peninsula Health Community Health
Men's Behaviour Change program
General enquiries: 5970 2000
New referrals: 1300 665 781
62 Tanti Ave Mornington and Outreach Centres
Melway Ref: 104 F11

Hanover Welfare Services
Options Program for violent men who have been removed from their home by the police
Frankston, Casey, Cardinia and Greater Dandenong area
Phone: 9792 0750 (24 hrs) 
35 Robinsons St, Dandenong 3175
Melway Ref: 100A G11


Men’s Referral Service

For men who are concerned about any of the following:

  • Getting frustrated and exploding
  • Being abusive to your family
  • Feeling angry with the people you care most about
  • Using violence in the home
  • Feeling overwhelmed or confused
  • Effect your behaviour is having on your children and those around you.
Calls are free, anonymous and confidential.

Phone: 1300 766 491
Hours: 8:00am - 9:00pm, weekdays
9:00am - 6:00pm, Saturday - Sunday 

Men’s Line 
Phone: 1300 789 978 
Hours: 24hrs, seven days a week

Phone: 13 11 14
Hours: 24hrs, seven days a week


Community Support Frankston Project