$100,000 Emergency Relief Fundraiser

"While our orgainisation is proud of what we achieve each year in Emergency Relief distribution, we wish we could be doing more to assist the increasing number of people in Frankston experiencing financial hardship." With 99 percent of our staff being volunteers, it just goes to show that "it takes a community to make a community"

“Live locally, give locally”

$100,000 Fundraiser

CSF is aiming to raise $100,000 for our Emergency Relief program, providing essential financial and material aid supports, information and advocacy to people in Frankston experiencing financial hardship.

More than ever we need your help to bridge the gap between funding shortfalls and community requests for HELP.

Every week, more and more people in Frankston are reaching out to Community Support Frankston (CSF) for help, no thanks to the rising costs of living and housing pressures. Please help us to help others from falling behind!

With recent reductions in Government funding, CSF needs your help in raising $100,000 for our Emergency Relief (ER) funding, helping Frankston people living in crisis with essential financial assistance, material aid, information, specialist services and advocacy.

A donation to CSF (through this appeal) guarantees that 100% of your donation is put straight back into the community, paying for the likes of emergency food, clothing, medications, utility bills, vouchers, hot meals, education and housing related needs. None of the money received will be spent on wages or administration costs, thanks to CSF's dedicated volunteers!

All monetary donations over $2.00 are tax deductible with receipts automatically generated for you.

CSF is the largest serving independent community welfare related service in the Frankston Local Government area.

Our skilled volunteer community workers are put through nationally accredited training to help support people with diverse and complex needs. Each year, our ER program and other services help more than 10,000 local Frankston residents, including families. Our 80+ active volunteers also assist with the likes of our hot meals program, reception, brochures, administration and other food and non-food related roles.

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More information about us

Community Support Frankston Inc. is a not for profit community support agency which provides services including emergency food, grocery vouchers, help with utility bills, referrals and advocacy for people who live or work in the City of Frankston.

If you would like to donate or have a fundraising idea, please Contact Us so we can acknowledge your involvement on our website, Facebook page and Annual Report.

This is an opportunity to:

- Support the work of our volunteers by helping us raise funds
- Help disadvantaged people in our neighbourhood
- Get involved with supporting Frankston's most disadvantaged

Clients receiving support are all assessed to be in crisis and in need of assistance.

Community Support Frankston is an accredited charitable institution. Click here to see details registered with the Australian Government.

Community Support Frankston
ABN - 95 426 151 625

Registered Incorporation Number
A 0000431J (Associations Incorporation Act 1981)
ABN - 95 426 151 625

Deductible Gift Recipient and Tax Exempt Charity entity
(Income Tax Assessment Act 1997)